Athletic Recovery

Athlete Recovery and Chiropractic Health

PRECISION Upper Cervical Center of NJ employs various techniques that assist in increasing optimal function and push patients back to their chosen activity levels in the shortest amount of time. Athletic recovery provides many benefits to athletes, from preventing and healing injuries to improving overall performance.

One measure our Waldwick, NJ chiropractors take to prevent patient injuries consist of promoting correct spinal alignment. Through our spine adjustment treatments, the bodies of our patients are better prepared to play the sports they love and withstand any potential injury along the way.

Athlete muscle recovery treatments available for healing our patients’ injuries include active release technique, IASTM, cupping therapy, KinesioTaping, therapeutic exercise plans, and more. Our goal is to empower patients by returning them to their chosen activities in the shortest amount of time, increasing their functional capacity beyond where they started and giving them the tools to provide stability and support to have a long-term performance improvement.

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