Nutritional Support

At PRECISION Care NJ we know that without a healthy nervous system optimum health is unattainable.  Once we address nervous system challenges, we know that proper nutrition is a key to support nervous system function.  No one can expect to have balance restored in their nervous system, then leave the office, eat fast/junk food throughout the day and experience true health.

Precision Care NJ

At PRECISION Care NJ we offer a variety of products/services to assist patients in achieving better nutrition practices.

Precision Care NJ
Precision Care NJ


It is widely accepted that the best way to attain all necessary nutritional substance is from the dietary intake of clean (organic, free-range, grass-fed etc) fruit, vegetable, grain and protein sources. Knowing that the reality is that it is very difficult to achieve ideal nutritional habits with the fast-paced lifestyles many of us are living.  Using the most current research, we have formulated perfect combinations of essential nutritional products to provide a complete, balance of nutrient intake. We do this by using products that are minimally processed so to maintain the integrity of the naturally occurring co-factors and micro nutrients that assure maximum assimilation and proper intake.  The goal of the nutritional supplements we recommend is to provide sufficiency and are not therapeutic in nature.


Weight Management and Cellular Detox

Obesity and the variety of chronic conditions (high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes etc.) being over weight directly causes have become an epidemic throughout the world, especially in the United States.  Many have sought out everything from the new fad diet to just simply eating less and exercising more without seeing the results they are satisfied with.  It always seems that the weight drops to a certain level which we can’t seem to get below and this is when the cravings (fat, sugar, and/or salt) become so intense (compared to a drug addict cravings) that long term sustainability of the changed eating and lifestyle habits become nearly impossible.


Current research has shown that the number one key factor to losing weight is removing toxins that are stored in the fat of our cells which begin to get released into our system upon minimal weight loss which drives this vicious cycle and makes it next to impossible to reach our ideal weight.


Cellular Detox – throughout the course of our lives we have all encountered numerous environmental toxins (molds, heavy metals in dental fillings and fish, flame retardants etc.). Although logic tells you that if you don’t have an instant reaction to a toxic encounter than you must not have any future risk.


This is simply not true.


Many of the most harmful toxins are stored in the fat layer (phospholipid bilayer) that we have in the cell membrane in every single one of our cells.  When enough has accumulated and strange symptoms begin to rear their ugly head, they are shrugged off by most traditional health practitioners as allergies, chronic fatigue etc.


At PRECISION Upper Cervical Center of NJ, we have sought out and found the most researched procedure for removing the harmful toxins from the cells and transferring them out of the body safely.  Once this happens cellular function can begin to normalize and the tissues, cells, and muscles those tissues make up are able to work at 100% of their capacity.


Once cellular function begins to normalize all the necessary processes for fat loss become efficient and effective and weight management goals come back within reach.